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Do you know which ads bring traffic and generate phone calls?

Find out in Lead360 and optimize Your ad budget.

Ilustracja, wykres - udział reklamy w telefonach.

Reasons to use Lead 360

Information panel

Analyse your data in a comfortable graphic interface with information and graphs updated in real time.

Rotating numbers

Lead360 utilises a smart number-carousel for automatic number rotation for precise call tracking.


Inspect which ads are profitabile as well as discover sources that convert the best.


Receive reports on your e-mail as well as access panels updated in real time.


Record all phone calls and listen to them in Your information panel.

Online & Offline data

Track online (AdWords, SEO, SM) and offline conversions (press, radio, TV, outdoor).

GA Integration

Set GA goals and track phone conversions and import selected data into Your Lead360 panel.

Transparent payments

Pay only a single monthly invoice for Your fee, services and phone calls.

Available plans

We provide two convinient plans and low prices for calls outside our network.

Basic: from 350 PLN

Suitable even for a large enterprise, conducting many campaigns with the goal of generating phone calls. Enables integration with one Google Analytics account.

Premium: from 1750 PLN

Create sub-clients and integrate the service with multiple Google Analytics accounts. Best for marketing agencies and large, multi-branch companies.

Important functions

Selected functionalities:
Online & offline campaign trackingTAK
Automatic phone number rotation on a websiteTAK
Real time graphs and tablesTAK
Automatic e-mail reportsTAK
Automatic messages for callersTAK
Customizable working hoursTAK
Listening to recorder phone calls in the panelTAK
Adding notes to callsTAK
Profitability analysisTAK
Text notificationsTAK
Google Analytics integrationTAK
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Logo Aiton Caldwell SA

Lead360 is owned by Aiton Caldwell SA – Polish ICT services provider and integrator.

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